Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Wednesday night Lizzie slept in a big girl bed for the very first time. I was very sentimental, of course. We went to target and let her pick out her own big girl blanket and of course she picked out princesses. There were pretty much two choices: flowers or princesses. Lizzie told me before we even went to the store that she was going to pick one with Cinderella on it. We picked out the blanket, came home and Lizzie could not wait to put her blanket on her new bed. (Which was really her crib with a convertible front.) She was so excited and could not wait for bed time. I threatened to swiftly take away her new princess blanket if she even thought of getting out of bed before morning. (Call me crazy, but sleep is a very precious commodity around our house.) She crawled in her bed and settled in for the night. Daddy took this opportunity to start over with the stuffed animals. It had gotten a little out of hand. On a normal night she had three stuffed care bears, two teddy bears, a polar bear and a stuffed duck and on any given night a new one could be added. So daddy said to pick one. She did and was so excited. She went to bed and a little while later I went in to check on her. She normally takes her jammies off while in bed. I usually put them back on and cover her up. I was doing just that when she woke up. I said"it's ok hunny, go back to sleep mommy is just putting your jammies back on." She looked at me and with the most wonderful smile she whispered, "I sleep in big girl bed." It was priceless. And she did stay in bed all night! Thank God for princess blankets! And I am pretty sure she thinks some invisible force field exists around her bed because last night a stuffed animal fell out and she cried until we came in and picked it up for her. At this point I am ok with the invisible force field because I am sure it will not last long.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Favorite things

Some random favorite things. Not in this order.

1. Not quite so wonderful, but definitely funny: Lizzie is obsessed with picking at her nails. The other day she was picking at a nail and few minutes later said "go, mommy." I took it from her and realized it was not a nail at all, but a booger. Why didn't I look?

2. When you hear a two year old saying, "messy, messy" and laughing while they are supposed to be eating a snack you can bet there is trouble.

3. Claire slept until 7:15 this morning. She only woke up briefly at midnight. Todd went in her room and gave her a pacy. He walked out to make a bottle. By the time he came back in she was fast asleep.

4. Lizzie looked at me and said "mommy's, hair crazy.' This was right before bed, but my hair had been the same all day.

5. I had a dinner with a very good friend that I just don't see as often as I should.

Russian for reset

Something to make you laugh:
Ok so last night while flipping through channels Todd and I came across a hilarious thing. The Secretary of state: Hillary Clinton met with some big Russian official and brought him a present. She brought a red button that was supposed to say Reset in Russian. When she handed it to the man he informed her it actually said "Overcharge." I thought it was so funny. Does the secretary of State not have someone on her team who can google the russian word for reset. Seriously. Our tax money hard at work.